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Engineered wood floors Montreal

Engineered wood floors

Engineered wood floors: a wise choice for homes, condos and businesses.

Serving the greater Montreal area as well as all cities in the province, MAINTENANCE SURFACES CANADA offers installation, sanding and refinishing services as well as ECO-BUFF refurbishing of engineered wood floors.

Prefinished engineered wood floors are the most popular floor covering for residential and commercial applications today. Made of high-quality plywood with a 2-6 mm thick layer of hardwood glued to it, engineered wood strips can be nailed to a plywood subfloor or installed directly on concrete (with a soundproofing underlayment).

Engineered wood floors have the same appearance as hardwood. Engineered wood strips do not bend due to moisture or heat.

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To learn more about our installation and refinishing services, contact us at (514) 503-7922. You can also get a free quote by email at

The MAINTENANCE SURFACES CANADA team travels to the greater Montreal area as well as to all cities in the province to install or refresh engineered wood floors.


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