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60-month maintenance plan
During the 5 years following the purchase of our maintenance plan, you guarantee the beauty of your floor. The plan gives you the right to refresh your floors using our innovative ECO-BUFF system. This plan is payable monthly and renewable every 5 years starting at $25 per month.

Our Innovative ECO-BUFF system
Bring your hardwood floors back to life quickly, 100% dust-free, noise-free and done within 24 hours. The unique solution for engineered wood floors. This technique is done in 3 steps: deep cleaning of the floor, the application of our ECO-BUFF adhesive and the application of a high resistance varnish.

Benefits of the maintenance plan
The floor maintenance plan with the ECO-BUFF Floor Refresh System offers many advantages: peace of mind; substantial savings; this plan is payable in 60 months; starting at $25 per month, a unique solution for engineered wood floors, etc.

Demonstration of the ECO-BUFF system

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Floor maintenance plan

In Montreal and Laval, as well as on the North and South Shores, MAINTENANCE SURFACES CANADA offers an economical floor maintenance plan for your hardwood and engineered wood floors.

Whether you are a homeowner, a condo owner or a business owner, our floor maintenance plan will make your life much easier. Your hardwood and engineered wood surfaces will maintain their beauty for years to come!

By subscribing to our floor maintenance plan, you are choosing peace of mind and substantial savings. All of our crews are certified and specialized in the application of our innovative ECO-BUFF floor refreshing system, which is included in our maintenance plan. We pride ourselves on the exclusive, high-quality services we offer to our residential and commercial customers.

Our floor maintenance plan includes the following:

  • A floor refresh with the innovative ECO-BUFF system, completed within 24 hours;
  • Substantial savings compared to full sanding;
  • Discounts on our sanding and floor installation services;
  • 60 months protection, starting at $25 per month.

Several floor maintenance plans are available, depending on the size of your floor and your needs.

The benefits of joining a floor maintenance plan

Here are the advantages of our maintenance plan:

Substantial savings:
Included in our floor maintenance plan, the ECO-BUFF floor refreshing system is much less expensive than having complete sanding and refinishing done. Moreover, the process is done in 24 hours, without sanding, 100% dust-free and with ecological products.
The only solution for your engineered floors:
Restricted by their physical properties, engineered floors are limited to the number of sandings possible. MAINTENANCE SURFACES CANADA has the only solution for you: the ECO-BUFF floor refreshing system, which is included in our maintenance plan.
Payable monthly:
The maintenance plan is for 5 years and can be paid monthly (over 60 months). If the ECO-BUFF refresh cannot be performed due to compatibility or a non-positive result, the amount paid for this service will be deducted from the cost of a replacement sanding for the service not performed.
Discounts on our other services:
By subscribing to a floor maintenance plan, you will benefit from a discount of 2% per year for any other service offered by MAINTENANCE SURFACES CANADA. This percentage is cumulative and can represent a total discount of 10%. In addition, the annual membership fee can be deducted from any other service offered.
Peace of mind:
Our hardwood and engineered floor maintenance and refinishing experts will make sure your surfaces always look their best. You won't have to worry about the condition of your floors! Our technicians are trained and experienced in this field. You will get the best quality of service for the maintenance and the refurbishment of your floors, and this, at a very advantageous price. Your floors are protected for 60 months with our maintenance plan.
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To learn more about our residential and commercial floor maintenance plan, contact us at (514) 503-7922. You can also get a free quote by email at The MAINTENANCE SURFACES CANADA team travels to Montreal and Laval, as well as to the North and South Shores.


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